Retirement Solutions


  Retirement Plan Solutions

401k's, 403B's are the cornerstones of most retirement plans, you may even have more than one plan or a combination of retirement accounts  that utilize IRA's, SEP, Simple, Kehoe, Profit Sharing or any one of the seventeen retirement plan solutions that allow for accumulation of assets tax free. How do you know if you are maximizing your tax free deferrals? Contact us and we will help you evaluate.

We're experienced professionals in the retirement solutions arena and have multiple investment strategies for safely and comfortably managing plan assets in accordance with your overall goals. We can help when you aquire a new job, your company is purchased or sold or if you separate from service for any other reason including retirement. We have the experience necessary to navigate these changes and the knowledge needed to help you invest in a way that intelligently assures the greatest potential of meeting your goals. (if you have stock options we suggest you look at our Corporate Executive Solutions page)

If you do not have a retirement plan yet, are self employed or just unsure whether you are maximizing your tax deferred retirement savings, we can advise you as to which plan (or plans) are right for your financial situation and determine the best action to take to maximize retirement savings.

The most common questions clients ask related to retirement are: what do I do now that I'm retiring? Should I rollover my retirement account?  What are my options? I left my job what do I do now? We can comfortably guide you through this often difficult decision process, give us a call.

Business Concerns - Urgent Information for Owners

As a business owner you may provide your employees a retirement plan. First let us say congratulations! This is a very wise decision for both you and your employees, it greatly helps with retention of key employees and is the benefit employees expect the most, second only to health insurance.

It is important to note that the Department of Labor has been very aggressive auditing 401k plans and over 70% of recent audits resulted in fines and penalties. Most of these are not due to a "bad guy" scenario or intentional malfeasance but are due to errors or misconceptions. Regardless of the reasons fines are regularly accessed against not only the business & business owners but also against fiduciaries and administrators personally. The average personal fine is $500,000 and additional penalties often apply.

You should be aware that with the New Erisa Section 408(b)(2) regulations, effective July 1, 2012, Fiduciaries, Plan Sponsors, Plan Administrators all must comply  with stringent new requirements. This includes making sure fees, expenses and compensation charged are reasonable, documenting all service agreements, breakdowns of all costs per service including recordkeeping, administration, investment management, shareholder costs, investment selection and investment appropriateness for inclusion or exclusion within the retirement plan among other parameters and an additional responsibility to compare multiple plans and keep records of same etc....

We Can Help

The obvious question business owners ask us, after getting over the intial shock of how much work this entails is: Can you help us? Can you make this easier? Can you streamline this process? The answer is a resounding: YES! Absolutely! and it's free! Please call us for a free consultation and ask how we can help you meet your responsibilities before you have an issue that costs you money.