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Protect your business & family from unforseen circumstances. Reduce the impact of lost salary or lost key employees, minimize the impact on your family or business.

Life Insurance can help pay off mortgages, fund education, cover child care costs, pay off debts, cover burial services, replace key employees and maximize your estate. Protection for your love ones can be accomplished through life insurance, but how and what product is right for you? There are many ways to address this critical need for protection and we can help. Below we will discuss some of the reasons for life insurance and some of the products we offer.

Strategies & Uses

Estate planning

Estate planning primarily focuses on wealth transfer, there are multiple estate strategies that utilize life insurance and can be designed to protect wealth and future income for your family. One of these is the ILIT or irrevocable life insurance trust or wealth replacement trust which is used to replace wealth for a decedents family lost through estate and inheritance taxation without the encumberance of "incidence of ownership" that may require the policy to be counted in his or her gross estate.

Buy Sell Strategies - Business Arrangements

An Entity Purchase Buy-Sell Agreement is one in which the business itself buys life insurance on the lives of each of the owners. The business pays the premiums and is the "owner and beneficiary" of the policies.

In Cross Purchase Buy-Sell Agreements each owner buys a policy on each of the other owners. Each owner pays the premiums on the policies they own and are the beneficiaries of the policies.

A Wait and See/ hybrid Buy-Sell Agreement combines features from both the Entity  and Cross Purchase models. The business can buy policies on each owner, individual owners can buy policies on each other, or a mixture of both methods can be used.


In the event of divorce often alimony or child support payments are awarded, in such a case the recipient  faces the same risk associated with premature death of the payer as before the divorce. The need for life insurance is thus as great or greater than in the case of a married couple, insurance and annuities (see "guaranteed" products) may be used to secure these obligations.


In certain circumstances the utilization of a life insurance can be an adjunct to a retirement plan and when structured correctly can greatly aid in the ultimate goal of  wealth accumulation, call us for details regarding this unique and specialized solution.

Special Life insurance

These include Mortgage redemption, Joint Mortgage protection, Survivorship, Family income, Family maintenance, family protection, ROP- return of premium and ROC- return of cash value, juvinile insurance among others. For advanced strategies contact us.



As a full service agency, we offer a wide range of products from all the top tier companies in these main categories:

Life Insurance:

  • Traditional Life (Term & Whole)
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Surviviorship Life (Universal, Variable, & Whole)
  • Riders Available for Customization

Universal Life Insurance

A flexible premium life insurance policy that you can structure to meet your individual needs. Universal life policyowners can change or vary what they pay in premiums, paying more one month and less the next as their income fluctuates, as long as they pay enough, or there are sufficient policy values to cover the monthly charges that keep the life insurance policy in effect. For convenience, most life insurance policyowners choose to pay a planned premium on a regular basis.

Many universal life insurance policies offer death benefits options, such as death benefits that increase every year or the ability to reduce the amount of death benefit in the future if needs change.

For example: if you need additional life insurance during childrearing years, you can structure the death benefit to remain at a certain level for  20 or 25 years. At the end of that period, you can reduce the death benefit to better fit your needs.

Term life insurance

A policy that has a level premium for a specific period of time. At the end of the period or time, the coverage for life insurance can be continued at a premium that increases annually with age.

For example, if you were to buy a 10-year term life insurance policy, the premium would be guaranteed not to increase for those 10 years. Then, if you still wanted the coverage, your premiums would begin increasing.

On average, term life insurance policies are sold for initial periods between 5 and 30 years. While traditionally the least expensive life insurance on the market, it is possible to buy universal life insurance with more flexible benefits at similar cost.

Whole life insurance

A policy that provides a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value for a guaranteed premium.

Some whole life policies pay dividends that can be taken as cash or used to purchase additional life insurance or reduce future premiums.

Riders & Customization

Contact us with your specific requirements or to find out more.