Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth

Private Wealth Management Programs and Investment Advisory Accounts offer access to institutional money managers previously only available to investors with portfolios of $50,000,000 dollars or greater and account minimums of $8,000,000 per strategy. Historically, access to this type of investment was reserved for billion dollar Pension Funds, College Endowments, Family Offices, Foundations and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Through our relationships we offer our clients access at much lower account minimums*

Investment Advisory Managed Accounts provide access to dynamic risk management, tactical, strategic, constrained and unconstrained strategies among others. These accounts feature greater control over taxes, customization, active management and cost efficient transparency. We offer access to an extensive number of prequalified managers and strategies.

Manager pre-qualification is a multi-step, highly intensive process encompassing:

  • Performance

    • Multi-period performance vs peers & benchmarks
    • Analysis of Style consistency
    • Identification of source of returns and risks within a managers strategy
    • Analysis of performance patterns over time
    • Review of market cycle & peer group tendencies

  • Repeatability

    • Comprehensive qualitative evaluation of the institutional managers to determine if the track record is repeatable
    • Face to Face meetings with Portfolio Managers
    • Review of resources & consistancy of process
    • Review of organizational structure & portfolio manager turnover

  • Continuous Ongoing Monitoring

    • Ensure manager remains on-track with their stated Strategy
    • Ensure manager remains on-track with their stated Philosphy

  • Operational Review - specifically, operational integrity

    • Processes                                                                      
    • Transparency
    • Trading practices
    • Custodial ans Clearing relationships
    • Use of derivatives
    • Risk Measurement
    • Regulatory audits
    • Business continuity plans

  • Ongoing Oversight 

    • Critical component to meeting the goals of your portfolio through a variety of market cycles

  • Manager Correlation

    • How manager performance dovetails with other managers on the platform
    • Performance - is performance compliementary to other managers in portfolio or is there correlation
    • Holdings - Adequately cover spectrum, or is there overlap



 6 Step Process for Maximizing Long - Term Success





We employ a six step investment process because the likelyhood of success in your investment strategy is greatly improved by adhering to a disciplined investment process.

  • Financial Analysis - Accurate, in-depth review
  • Asset Allocation - Aligning with the market
  • Portfolio Strategist Selection - Institutional vision
  • Investment Management Firm Selection - Style, Risk, Allocation approaches etc..
  • Monitoring - Keeping your portfolio on track
  • Reporting - Keeping you  informed of progress and changes



 * Call us for account minimums -- you might be suprised